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For data to stay relevant, the shift is towards what type of ancillary data can be pieced together to truly understand who an end-customer is People often want to look to hard data to solve the most difficult issues in society. That seems preferable to taking best guesses at predicting the future. With the legalization […]
As the Cancer Moonshot 2020 initiative enters into its final year, many in oncology are examining its successes and shortcomings to better understand how to approach cancer treatments in the new decade. Cancer Moonshot 2020, a program that was announced by Congress in January 2016, was designed to accelerate cancer research, encourage greater collaboration between […]
Uruguay, often recognized as the pioneer in legalized recreational marijuana, is also building a solid foundation to support its hemp industry. “Uruguay is an agricultural country with a clear regulatory framework that offers attractive conditions for large-scale outdoor cultivation (of hemp),” said Maria Belen Algorta, who oversees Uruguay operations for Australia-based Ecofibre. “As far as South America […]
When you look like the late Jerry Garcia of “Grateful Dead” fame and you wear a black Zig-Zag T-shirt, you might fit many people’s idea of a marijuana dealer. And when you’re selling a product that looks and smells identical to high-potent pot, you shouldn’t be surprised by a visit from law enforcement. That’s exactly what happened to 64-year-old Larry Friedrich, who […]
We live in exciting times. Not only is cannabis legalization proceeding at an unprecedented pace, but craft beer is experiencing a major renaissance of its own. Between thousands of strains and hundreds of beer styles, more pairings are possible today than at any previous point in history. The question is: how to go about matching a beer […]
Canadian capital’s bins haven’t been used enough to call police for pickup and disposal So you’ve made your way to Ottawa’s main airport for an international trip, bringing your passport, some of your destination’s preferred currency … and a couple of joints you honestly forgot were in your bag. Don’t worry. Airport officials have planned ahead. The Ottawa […]