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He appointed an anti-marijuana zealot to be Attorney General but political realities seem to be part of his calculations. Earlier this month, President Donald Trump told reporters he would “probably” support federal legislation that officially turns the issue of marijuana legalization over to the states. The key word is “probably.” As it stands now, while 30 […]
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was successful in securing the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 in the Senate Farm Bill, which was released today. Senator McConnell, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, worked with Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS), to ensure that his legislation to legalize industrial hemp was included in the farm policy […]
The U.S. Senate, without objection from any lawmaker of either party, adopted legislation on Tuesday recognizing “the growing economic potential of industrial hemp” as well as its “historical relevance.” The resolution, which was passed to commemorate “Hemp History Week,” also decries the fact that ” the United States is the largest consumer of hemp products in the world , but the […]
For years, Iran has been one of the world’s leading executioners of drug offenders, with hundreds of people hung from the gallows annually for drug smuggling and trafficking. But in a remarkable turnabout, that is no longer the case. After the Iranian parliament amended the country’s drug laws in November 2017, drug executions have all but […]
After years of keeping the burgeoning cannabis sector at arm’s length, some of Canada’s largest financial institutions are warming to the country’s MJ industry, including Bank of Montreal (BMO), which initiated research coverage this week. The bank’s entry into the medical cannabis sector is a sign of the industry’s natural evolution and the potential for […]
Anti-cannabis groups’ attempts to block the initiative failed, and advocates are now confident that Beehive State voters will approve the measure this fall. Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox just approved the inclusion of a medical cannabis initiative on this year’s state election ballot, despite numerous challenges from anti-marijuana groups. The Utah Patients Coalition (UPC) collected over […]
Nearly 22 years ago, California voters enacted a ballot measure legalizing the medical use of cannabis. Nearly 22 years ago, California voters enacted a ballot measure legalizing the medical use of cannabis. Today, cannabis is now legal in 47 states (adult-use, cannabinoid only, hemp, and medicinal). For years, California has been depicted laxly when it comes […]
The federal bill query was one of 11 marijuana-related questions on the survey, the largest number of cannabis questions posed to-date on a single Quinnipiac poll. Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner has said he likes his odds of getting a bill through Congress to protect state-legal marijuana operations. And a new npoll released Thursday shows that it’s a […]