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All the good old fashioned homemade recipes for cookies, cake, and brownies call for butter! Butter is also called for in many savory dishes as well as used on morning toast. If you prefer edibles over smoking, or you just love all forms of cannabis we have a recipe for you today that will infuse […]
There are always those mornings, nights, and even mid-afternoons that we decide to smoke it up (alone or with a buddy) but the sitting around staring at the wall paper becomes a bore. So what do you do?! Well you never have to wonder again. We have a list of —— things for you to […]
DENVER — A new study, that claims to be the first of its kind, found cannabis consumers are “among the most well-adjusted and successful of American adults.” The study by BDS Analytics compared people in three categories: “Consumers” (people who consumed cannabis products in the past ), “Acceptors” (people who do not consume cannabis but […]
Michigan’s medicinal marijuana industry could rightly be described as experiencing growing pains. Overzealous law enforcement and the pervasive stigma attached to cannabis use can drive patients to live in the shadows, while growers have a reasonable reluctance to reveal the exact location of their operations for fear of theft. Amid such uncertainty, it can be […]
The cannabis industry is growing up, and it would be tough to imagine more convincing proof than Microsoft’s recent announcement that it’s getting involved. Though the software giant will stay very much in the background—its role will focus primarily on providing Azure cloud services for a compliance-focused software push—the move is still widely viewed as […]
Cannabis does all kinds of amazing things for our minds and bodies. You may have noticed that certain things that go along with romantic love, such as really good sex or deep conversations, feel more intense and powerful after smoking, vaping, or taking an edible. That’s because cannabis actually tunes our brains and bodies so […]
Whether it’s your first date with a cannabis enthusiast you met through a marijuana dating site or a mutual friend, or your millionth date with a long-term partner, things are just more fun, and more laid back, when two smokers go on a cannabis-friendly date together. Here are a few tried-and-true ways to spend your […]
From special creams and lotions to amazing edibles and flower, cannabis can be a great tool for your love life. Here are a few awesome things to check out that will kick-start your passion, and bring you closer to the one you love. Infused Salves Although these are technically for treating aches and pains, infused […]
From cooking with cannabis oil to feeding each other sweets, there are all kinds of romantic ways to include cannabis into your dating routine. Here are just a few suggestions for how to spice up your love life – and your culinary palate – with cannabis infused goodies. Have a Romantic, Cannabis-Infused Dinner Eating a […]