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Cannabis has always had a presence on the party circuit. Food and drinks have been accepted socially. Weed is beginning to gain acceptance and people are shedding their old uptight attitudes about consuming a joint or two at a friend’s place. If you’re planning a weed-friendly do then here’s how you should go about it. […]
Smoking remains the default method for consuming weed; it’s popular because it’s easily done and the high hits you pretty quickly. However, this method is not without its drawbacks, and these can actually put off many first timers from weed. The smoke hits your throat and irritates it, your lungs take in tar and assorted […]
Each year on 20 April marijuana advocates around the world, from Amsterdam to California, celebrate cannabis culture – whether it’s legal or not. Last year more than 1,000 people gathered in London’s Hyde Park to mark 4/20, smoking joints together at the designated time while calling for cannabis to be legalised. But why are the […]
Often, cannabis enthusiasts want to date other smokers, or at least get to know them in a social capacity. But online dating isn’t for everyone, and often, it is helpful to have a community of people around you before you move into the romantic realm. Here are a few great ways to meet other cannabis […]
The International Church of Cannabis is all set to preach brotherly love free of all dogma and theology. Situated at 400, South Logan Street, Denver, the church is housed in a 113-year old building. This church is affiliated to Elevation Ministries, and it considers cannabis to be the chief sacrament. If you’re a cannabis lover, […]
Ever since legalization first took off around the country, cities have been using the revenue from pot sales for good causes, such as funding education and rehabilitation programs. Now, a city in the Denver area has decided to use their cannabis money to help out the homeless. According to the Huffington Post, Aurora plans to […]
Recently, it has been revealed that most Americans in the U.S. now support legal cannabis. According to Gallup Poll, 62 percent of adults under 30, 56 percent of adults 30-49, and 49 percent of adults 50-64 support cannabis legalization. Support is still only at 31 percent for those over 64, but it is clear that […]