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As sports and cannabis culture intersect, leagues and leaders rethink relationship with weed. Local boxing promoter Lee Baxter says he didn’t know the significance of April 20 when he booked the date to stage a fight card at the Danforth Music Hall. But when friends informed him that 4/20 is like Christmas for cannabis culture, […]
In 2004, Ricky Williams retired from the NFL for the first time after failing his third NFL-mandated drug test in five seasons. He never imagined that, more than a decade later, he would be touring the country as an unofficial marijuana expert. Williams’ reputation has since transformed with the rise of legal medicinal and recreational […]
Jerry Jones is still an influential force in the NFL, and it appears he continued to put that influence to work at the NFL’s recent owners meetings in Arizona. Jones, speaking at an owner’s only meeting, brought up a handful of topics including changing the league’s stance on marijuana, an anonymous source with knowledge of the situation […]
Not long ago, whenever professional athletes dabbled with marijuana, it was bad news: multigame suspensions, ruined careers, endless stoner jokes. Not anymore. Just take a look at this week’s Sports Illustrated, which dedicated its cover story to former NFL running back Ricky Williams’ relationship with cannabis. Williams’ 11 NFL seasons were marked by repeated suspensions […]
Joe Mixon will not be embraced by many football fans. According to an HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll, 87% of fans said they would be opposed to their team drafting a player with a history of violence toward women. That means Mixon, who punched a woman in the face while he was at Oklahoma and was […]
It’s no secret UFC fighter Nick Diaz has an affinity for marijuana. It’s the reason he’s been suspended three times. In case you never noticed, Snoop Dogg also enjoys marijuana very much. But he loves the UFC, too, in particular watching Diaz fight. Seeing as that hasn’t happened since January 2015 because of an 18-month suspension for […]