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If you believe budtender wisdom, consuming a strain called Bubba Kush should leave you ravenous and relaxed whereas dank Hippie Chicken should uplift you like a dreamy cup of coffee. But if you take pure, isolated delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC—the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana—you’ll experience “a high that has no specific character, so that seems […]
Dabs, otherwise known as cannabis concentrates, come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Commonly described as sticky, the concentration of cannabis resins can also be very hard and stable. The consistencies range from hard shatters, sticky saps, dry crumbles and everything in between. Dabs can vary from translucent to opaque. Differences between concentrates depend […]
With The 4th of July moving in on us we are all so excited for the days festivities! The food, friends, family, and fireworks are all great but we have some cannabis pairings for your eventful day so that no matter what you are doing you have a strain to go along with your plans. […]
Cannabis lovers choose their favorite strains based on THC content, cost, and of course, flavors. If flavors mean a lot to you, then read on to learn about six beautifully flavored strains. Today, flavors have taken on significance because of the proliferation of vaporizers; these devices with their low heat bring out flavors in a […]
The pleasures afforded by a puff at a cannabis joint depend a great deal on the amount of THC and CBD they contain. These two cannabinoids are the most commonly found ones and are present in the highest proportion as compared to other chemicals. THC, as you may know, is the psychoactive compound. CBD is […]
Marijuana has an age-old relationship with contemplators. Those who seek to look inward and gain insight about the self have for millennia turned to weed. In its smoke and flavors, seers and seekers have attained states of altered consciousness and come up with answers to deep existential questions. Now, even if you don’t aspire to […]
The allure of cannabis lies in large measure in the interplay of chemicals such as THC, CBG, CBN, and CBC. The mix of acids and chemical compounds present in weed differs from one strain to another. Throw hybrids in the mix and you, the cannabis aficionado, cannot but see the endless possibilities of creating varieties […]