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LACY technology lets cannabis providers move from plant to pills and edibles without losing all of the goods beyond THC. (Newswire.net — April 6, 2018) — Medical marijuana is used to address a host of illnesses and ailments, from depression to chronic pain. Different strains of marijuana are typically used to address specific ailments. For […]
Three years ago, Leafly tricked us all into believing that they had developed a molecular 3D printer. They claimed that you could print your own flowers, customizing everything from color to flavor to THC content. Alas, back then this was only a well-planned April Fool's joke.
Any industry that is taking giant strides does not miss ETF issuers' eyes. The marijuana industry is on a tear lately. As per the source , cannabis-related stocks added about 236% in 2016. Probably this is why, Teucrium recently filed a product on this, though it did not mention marijuana clearly. The name ...