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Weed is legal in Colorado and the state’s association with marijuana enjoys legendary status in the world, second only to that of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Weed lovers from all over the U.S converge on to Colorado all through the year to enjoy weed uninhibitedly. Entrepreneurs in the state have been quick to service the […]
A new plan to legalise cannabis has launched in Switzerland, marking the country’s second push for the change within a decade. The new initiative proposes that both cannabis production and consumption for personal use should be made legal. It recommends that its sale should be regulated and taxed by the government. A referendum in 2008 […]
NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — A van marked “Weed World Candies” made its way through Downtown Norfolk Monday, stopping on Granby Street where Pete Marrero sold lollipops. Marrero who is a representative for Weed World Candies told 13News Now the lollipops contain CBD cannabidiol, an ingredient found in cannibus. “They see the vehicle. They get excited. […]
People in 29 states can legally use medical marijuana for a variety of problems, including the relief of pain, anxiety or stress. But what if they want to travel with it? Secure airport areas beyond the transportation security administration checkpoints are under federal control, and the federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 (most […]
The Israeli medical marijuana industry is all set for a giant leap forward and grow manifold. Israel has a worldwide reputation for being at the forefront of medical marijuana research. Over the past few days, the government has ratified bills that will boost development in technology related to marijuana and also seek markets for exporting […]
Germany could have its very own cannabis-growing program by 2019. The nation’s legislation has okayed a legislation that will enable patients to obtain cannabis as a prescribed medicine. The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices has announced the establishment of a “cannabis agency”; and the project will develop under the aegis of this […]
Uruguay is undertaking a massive experiment with legal cannabis – they are allowing three types of cannabis to be sold in pharmacies. According to Reuters, the National Drug Board in Uruguay just officially announced that by next year, these varieties will be available to consumers just like regular medicine. The different options available will have […]