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The annual Vancouver Santa Claus Parade might have been the ideal place to light up, however, event organizers asked attendees to light up before or after the parade. “To help families with children enjoy a healthy and smoke-free environment,” one rule reads on the parade’s website, “please refrain from smoking at the parade.” The rule […]
A former health minister has called on MPs to legalise the possession and consumption of cannabis. Norman Lamb backed introducing regulation of its production, distribution and sale. But his 10-minute-rule bill in the House of Commons was rejected by 66 votes to 52. Mexico and Luxembourg have plans to legalise recreational cannabis use. Canada has just done […]
We dive into the science of weed and sleep to find answer the question: why does weed make you tired? Move over Ambien—there’s a better sleep remedy in town. Insomnia and struggles with sleep are among the biggest reasons why consumers turn to cannabis. After all, the herb is famous for its hypnotic and relaxing […]
Some growers swear by aeroponics. But what is aeroponics exactly and is it something you should consider? Here are the pros and cons. What is Aeroponics?  Aeroponics is a hydroponic growing method in which the roots are suspended in an open-air grow container and consistently sprayed with nutrient solution. This method is most often used […]
Constant back pain caused by a fall left Ash Basu in agony, so when his doctor suggested he see a cannabis specialist, he was intrigued. The 64-year-old had no experience with marijuana, recreationally or otherwise, but had heard reports of the herb’s pain-relieving potential and was eager to avoid opioids. He was referred to a […]
You might be surprised by the places with the cheapest weed in the world. We were. A study from the marijuana technology company, Seedo, has determined the cities across the world where marijuana consumption is the highest and weed is the cheapest. The United States city with the highest marijuana consumption? That would be New […]