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Recommendations include giving minimum amount of personal information, using cash for retail buys Canada’s privacy watchdog is warning marijuana users to pay with cash rather than plastic if they’re worried about the collection of their personal information, among other guidelines published on Tuesday. In a statement posted on his website, Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien says […]
It remains unclear how marijuana use by a pregnant woman could affect her unborn child, but there’s one thing for certain: It could mean having her family broken apart Shakira Kennedy was 27 years old and living in Brooklyn when she found out she was going to have twins. While many women experience morning sickness in their […]
An obstructionist governor has drastically slowed the already complicated process of creating a regulatory structure from scratch. Amid headlines about marijuana legalization getting approved by voters this fall in the Midwest and unlikely places like Utah, a question remains: Whatever happened to marijuana in Maine? If efficiency and effectiveness are the standard for grading how […]
Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer laid out a blueprint today to decriminalize marijuana across the entire country In honor of Canada’s first day with legal adult-use marijuana, an optimistic Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) sent a letter to House Democratic leadership Wednesday outlining a plan to advance federal legalization measures with the goal of federally legalizing cannabis by […]
We are proud San Franciscans and community activists in the South of Market. We have had the privilege of watching San Francisco grow and change over time. And one area that has changed tremendously is cannabis policy, both medical and soon adult use. In 1996, more than three quarters of San Francisco voters supported Proposition […]