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Mounting evidence shows cannabinoids in marijuana slow cancer growth, inhibit formation of new blood cells that feed a tumor, and help manage pain, fatigue, nausea, and other side effects. Marijuana Fights Cancer and Helps Manage Side Effects, Researchers Find Mounting evidence shows ‘cannabinoids’ in marijuana slow cancer growth, inhibit formation of new blood cells that feed […]
Any form of cannabis, whether it be CBD or THC, as a treatment for cancer is a controversial topic in the world media. There are many success stories and much anecdotal evidence, but the lack of clinical research makes it very difficult for cannabis to be accepted as a medically valid form of cancer treatment. […]
As the Cancer Moonshot 2020 initiative enters into its final year, many in oncology are examining its successes and shortcomings to better understand how to approach cancer treatments in the new decade. Cancer Moonshot 2020, a program that was announced by Congress in January 2016, was designed to accelerate cancer research, encourage greater collaboration between […]
In the past year, two new documentaries have highlighted the rise of cannabis medicine for treating cancer and women’s leadership in the growing legal industry. According to the filmmakers, however, online censorship and business stigma are creating a smokescreen between the films’ hard-fought messages and the public they’re meant to reach. Directors Abby Epstein and Windy Borman say […]
Cannabis can kills cancer in the lab so researchers are now hoping they’ll discover a breakthrough proving it kills brain cancer cells in live patients. Cannabis kills brain cancer cells in petri dishes so Australian researchers are embarking on a clinical trial to determine if it kills those cells in live patients too. Up to […]
A first-of-its-kind meta-analysis of existing research has reviewed the effects of cannabinoid drugs on the experience of pain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that up to 50 million people in the United States have chronic pain. An increasing amount of people now turn to the medicinal benefits of cannabis for treating and alleviating pain. As […]