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It remains business as usual for those working in the cannabis industry on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory after the winners of the Ontario cannabis lottery were announced Friday. There were five licences awarded in the eastern region that includes Ottawa, Kingston and Barrie. According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s official results, the five winners […]
We live in exciting times. Not only is cannabis legalization proceeding at an unprecedented pace, but craft beer is experiencing a major renaissance of its own. Between thousands of strains and hundreds of beer styles, more pairings are possible today than at any previous point in history. The question is: how to go about matching a beer […]
Taxes, supply problems and lack of competition have pushed up the price of cannabis to $8.02 per gram The price of pot has risen more than 17 per cent since it became legal for recreational use, according to Statistics Canada. With more folks lighting up, and thorny supply issues in some provinces, the price has jumped […]
City staff currently investigating 16 illegal storefronts in total More than a dozen illegal cannabis shops are still operating in Toronto following a post-legalization crackdown, CBC Toronto has learned, but the city says it’s a “complex process” to shut them all down. Currently, city staff from the Municipal Licensing and Standards department are investigating 16 illegal storefronts in […]
Selling weed is now completely legal and above the board after city grants a trio of business licences Weed can now be purchased completely above board at three locations in Vancouver after the city issued business licenses to three different outlets. Evergreen Cannabis Society in Kitsilano and two City Cannabis Co. shops — one on Fraser Street and another […]
13 steps to help you valuate your business ahead of an investment or M&A transaction. Editor’s note: Cannabis Business Times originally published this article in January 2016. With input from the author, we updated several paragraphs in December 2018. Over the last several years, we have reviewed thousands of businesses in the burgeoning cannabis industry. We have […]
Houweling’s Tomatoes partners with AgraFlora Organics with plans to grow cannabis products by next year A Delta farm has its sights set on becoming one of Canada’s largest cannabis-producing facilities. Houweling’s Tomatoes has partnered with cannabis company Agraflora Organics in a move that will convert a 2.2 million square foot farm into one of the […]