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After months of false starts and delays, New Jersey took a big step Monday toward legal weed, with state lawmakers advancing a bill that would legalize the possession and personal use of recreational marijuana. Committees from both the state Senate and Assembly approved the bill , which now awaits a full vote in the Democrat-controlled […]
California’s new testing regulations took effect July 1 and dispensaries across the state are fighting against the weight of new restrictions. According to a Desert Sun report, many are struggling to get anything on their shelves at all and no dispensary has enough product to fill their shelves. “I’m getting pictures every day of retailers that went from 45 strains […]
SF Fogg used to just supply medical marijuana, but with the switch to recreational weed, they lost a couple of vendors who haven't gotten their companies licensed locally or by the state. Though the dispensary on 12th Street isn't running dry yet, there are fewer products on the shelves. Lucio thinks the ...
Since July 1st, three dozen recreational marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas have opened their doors to the public. On Saturday, 15 dispensaries opened their doors just after midnight to serve the long lines waiting to get some legal cannabis. Following is a list of the names and addresses of all the dispensaries around Las Vegas […]