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DENVER — A new study, that claims to be the first of its kind, found cannabis consumers are “among the most well-adjusted and successful of American adults.” The study by BDS Analytics compared people in three categories: “Consumers” (people who consumed cannabis products in the past ), “Acceptors” (people who do not consume cannabis but […]
Stress is something that everyone experiences on a daily basis. Whether it stresses you out to drive to work, your job is stressful, you college course work is piling up, or you are taining a new pet to only potty outside, stress is everywhere all the time. Cannabis has always said to be an anti-anxiety […]
Looks like weed is indeed the wonder plant that Rastafaris claim it to be. Research carried out on older mice has shown that THC in cannabis improved their learning abilities and memory. After being dosed with THC, older mice displayed similar powers of recollection as younger rodents. The results of the study have been published […]
One of the great charms of weed, if users and growers are to be believed, is that different strains produce different effects. One strain may give you a high while another may heighten alertness. The combinations and intensity of effects are the driving forces behind the research behind strain diversity and cloning technology used in […]
Plants are cloned for a number of reasons; cannabis is a plant. It can be cloned. Cloning cannabis offers some serious benefits. The best thing about it is that it is so easily doable. Cloning, a.k.a, asexual reproduction uses rooted cuttings that carry the same genes from the original plant. Cloning can save you money […]
Hear ye’, hear ye,’ The FourTwenty Games are about to come to Seattle again and possibly a city near you. The 420 Games is here to break the stigma that cannabis consumers are lazy couch potatoes, but it’s also a good time for the one that thinks about going to the gym but doesn’t. Things […]
What is the first words that come to mind when you think of Humboldt State University? While it should be environmentally-conscience, often HSU is associated with marijuana culture. Don’t let this issue’s dedication to 4/20, the nationally celebrated marijuana day, fool you. Although Humboldt county is a main hub of cannabis production, HSU isn’t as […]
Stacey Linn, mother of Jack Splitt, 15, of Wheat Ridge High School, prepares a skin patch delivering a cannabis-derived treatment for her son at their house in Lakewood. Jack’s Law, House Bill 1373, permit parents or another designated caregiver to administer a non-smokable cannabis treatment on school grounds to a student who is a registered […]