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This is going to be a recipe for everyone who has always wanted to start cooking with cannabis oil but has never made it or feel as if they have to buy expensive equipment to buy it. You’re just going to need your oven and a slow cooker (crock pot) and a few other ingredients […]
All the good old fashioned homemade recipes for cookies, cake, and brownies call for butter! Butter is also called for in many savory dishes as well as used on morning toast. If you prefer edibles over smoking, or you just love all forms of cannabis we have a recipe for you today that will infuse […]
There are always those mornings, nights, and even mid-afternoons that we decide to smoke it up (alone or with a buddy) but the sitting around staring at the wall paper becomes a bore. So what do you do?! Well you never have to wonder again. We have a list of —— things for you to […]
Father’s day is right around the corner….literally! On Sunday June 18th we will be celebrating our dads and how amazing they truly are. So we have a list here of some great gift ideas for dads’ that love their cannabis as much as we all do. 1. Cannabox Subscription ( Cannabox ) What’s really great […]
Weed makes you hungry; you’ve always known it. But now, researchers have the necessary evidence and a firm understanding of how it happens. Experiments at the Yale School of Medicine showed that rodents fed weed began feeling hungry instead of sated. THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, worked on the appetite center of the […]
Last fall, the food writer Laurie Wolf invited me to a dinner party at her home. It promised to be a master class in rustic entertaining. Wolf lives in a floating house on the Willamette River, just south of Portland, Oregon. When she has people over, she told me, she has a few rules for […]
I’m a huge fan of hot-weather beverages. Right now, it’s anything but hot out, but this little mocktail will transport you. This time of year can be warm and sunny, or it can be thanklessly cold and rainy. It may officially be spring, but we are experiencing the occasional icy wind that goes right through […]
Sigur Ros, the post-rock band, has introduced a limited edition of what is probably the most exotically flavored cannabis-infused medicated gumdrops. They have done so in partnership with cannabis brand Lord Jones, and have named the creation “Wild Sigurberry”. The flavors are a take on the tastes of wild blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries found in […]
This month, an official ban went into place in Colorado that forbids edibles companies from making gummies in the shape of fruit, people, or animals. According to High Times (www.hightimes.com/read/colorado-bans-weed-gummy-bears), Governor John Hickenlooper officially signed House Bill 1346, which outlaws the offending shapes. Starting October 1st of 2016, it will no longer be legal to […]