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Hawaii is allowing visitors who are qualified to receive medical marijuana elsewhere in the United States to register and buy it from dispensaries in the state. The state Department of Health announced Tuesday that it is also rolling out an online registration system for medical marijuana, allowing qualified patients to quickly obtain an electronic registration […]
Out-of-state cardholders will have to have one of Hawaii’s qualifying conditions and pay a small fee for temporary dispensary access. Medical cannabis patients who travel often face restrictions that prevent them from bringing their medicine with them. Transporting cannabis across state lines, for example, even for a medical cardholder, is a federal crime. At the […]
The Hawai‘i State Department of Health has issued a Notice to Proceed to Acquire and Cultivate Cannabis to Hawaiian Ethos LLC for its first production center on Hawai‘i Island. The licensee has passed state inspections and met all requirements to begin growing cannabis and to manufacture cannabis products for medicinal purposes at their approved facility. […]
The results of the recent Civil Beat poll that, among other issues, asked about cannabis legalization were surprising for at least two reasons. First, the knife's edge balance between support and opposition does not gel with the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii's own well-regarded polling over the course of ...
It's been one of those weeks where weed finds itself in some strange places and predicaments, like medical patients in Hawaii being ordered to give up their guns. At least cannabis business owners can get some relief through the new tax bill (which will fuck pretty much everyone else over). Read on.