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A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better–and Get High Like a Lady A woman’s handbook to demystifying the world of weed, whether it’s being used for pain relief, a moment of calm, or a fit of giggles. Women of all ages are using cannabis to feel and look […]
Due to CBD’s plethora of medicinal properties, more people are interested in trying topical products like lotions, creams, oils, salves, and balms Although inhalation and ingestion are two common cannabis delivery methods, another method is gaining more popularity and usage—topical administration. Topical cannabis products are ideal for localized relief, and in recent years, sales of […]
Hemp oil and CBD oil differ in what part of the plant they come from and how they are used. Hemp oil is from seeds and is used as a protein supplement and in lotions and soap. CBD oil is from plant flowers and leaves. It is used primarily for medicinal purposes, such as treating […]
Just in time for Utah’s “21 Days of Perilous Patriotism” — that window between Independence and Pioneer days when proud Americans annoy the rest of us with their late-night fireworks displays — a Park City company is offering help for anxious pets. Some call it “canine cannabis,” others “pot for pets” or even “doggie doobies.” […]
If you hear the word “cannabis,” do your thoughts turn to edibles or a debate about the merits of Premium Jack versus Grape Stomper? Sure, years of popular movies, TV shows and music have elevated the stoner stereotype to the top of the pop culture heap. But cannabis is making its mark in another arena, […]