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Having legalized cannabis on July 1st, 2017, the state has already generated $55.53 million in tax collections since recreational sales began. It’s also the home of the biggest dispensary in the world (the 112,000 square foot Planet 13) and is now also home to the world’s first cannabis “speakeasy.” “When we decided to create this experience […]
MedMen red seems to be everywhere these days. While most cannabis businesses remain locked within their home states, the Los Angeles-based company has spread over the past four years to include eight retail shops in Southern California, four dispensaries in New York (including a splashy new storefront on Fifth Avenue), and two in Nevada—with two more […]
California is on track to generate $1.9 billion in legal marijuana sales this year, according to new data from a financial analysis firm tracking the market. That’s a lot of weed, but it’s only half the amount the same firm previously estimated the state would rake in. The estimates are from New Frontier Data, which crunches cannabis […]
The next time you go to the dentist, make this mental note: people working in the legal cannabis industry outnumber American dental hygienists. Let that sink in a bit. It’s a staggering number, but the cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth thanks to the $9 billion consumers spent on cannabis in 2017.  In fact, ZipRecruiter […]
Happy 4/20 Day was a familiar greeting among North State pot users Friday. April 20th is the traditional day for cannabis celebrations, and 4:20 p.m. as a time to toke up, owing to marijuana mythology but it took on a special significance Friday because it’s the first 4/20 when sales and use of recreational marijuana were legal in […]
Friday marks Nevada’s first 4/20 since recreational marijuana sales were legalized last July. With more than 45 dispensaries in the Las Vegas Valley and 62 statewide expecting increased sales for the unofficial pot holiday, here’s a look at 20 ways that legal weed has affected our state: 1. More cannabis products After waiting more than […]
Long lines are expected at Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries on Friday, the first 420 marijuana holiday in Nevada since recreational sales became legal. Roy Bingham, CEO of the Colorado-based BDS Analytics marijuana research firm, said sales surged 220 percent on April 20 last year at dispensaries in Colorado and Washington. The day — both the […]
America’s largest marijuana market sold more than $1 billion of marijuana through March. And that’s only the beginning. For recreational marijuana sales in California — the nation’s most populous state, and the nation’s oldest and most entrenched marijuana market — it was never a question of billions. It was always a question of “how many” […]