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Senate Democrats on Thursday urged Congress to pass legislation that bars federal authorities from interfering with medical marijuana programs, saying the Trump administration appears to be readying a crackdown on life-changing cannabis care. Bipartisan bills in the House and Senate would allow patients to access medical marijuana in states that allow it without fear of […]
After Jeff Sessions became Donald Trump’s choice as attorney general, there was a lot of speculation over the extent to which the stern drug warrior might make life difficult for producers and consumers of cannabis in the growing number of states that had decided on legalizing recreational marijuana use. Sessions was a bit evasive on […]
In a sweeping rewrite of the voter-passed marijuana legalization measure, House leaders will advance a bill Wednesday that would more than double the total tax on recreational pot and give municipal officials — instead of local voters — the power to ban cannabis shops and farms. The legislation immediately faced blowback from advocates, who said […]
A cell phone-related violation last Saturday resulted in a bumper haul of 320 pounds of cannabis and cash in excess of one million dollars. Two men were arrested, their arrests may lead to a wider crackdown based on the information they share. The weed is valued at more than $1 million on the streets. The […]