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Friday marks Nevada’s first 4/20 since recreational marijuana sales were legalized last July. With more than 45 dispensaries in the Las Vegas Valley and 62 statewide expecting increased sales for the unofficial pot holiday, here’s a look at 20 ways that legal weed has affected our state: 1. More cannabis products After waiting more than […]
Millions across the globe enjoy smoking weed and this week is their time to truly celebrate their passion as it is 4/20. Yes, every year on 20 April, doob-lovers everywhere crack out the ganj in epic proportions and enjoy getting stoned with their pals, with perfect strangers, or completely on their own. The biggest event […]
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) said that she will use President Trump’s recent support for respecting state policies regulating marijuana to give a boost to her efforts to remove the congressional rider that bars the District of Columbia from spending its local funds on commercializing recreational marijuana. Norton has been fighting to remove this anti-home-rule rider, which […]
The marijuana market has been one of the most lucrative industries over the past several years due to the newness of the market and the continuous expansion throughout the country. With many new stocks popping up in recent times, it seems like faith in the market for investors is continuing to see new highs. One […]
After losing a battle with local farmers to limit cannabis production, Oregon’s Josephine County has filed a federal suit against the state, which could invalidate local regulations and jeopardize state recreational marijuana rights across the country. In a lawsuit filed in US District Court in Medford on April 3rd, one of Oregon’s largest marijuana-producing county’s, […]
America’s largest marijuana market sold more than $1 billion of marijuana through March. And that’s only the beginning. For recreational marijuana sales in California — the nation’s most populous state, and the nation’s oldest and most entrenched marijuana market — it was never a question of billions. It was always a question of “how many” […]
Ever wonder why bongs deliver the smoothest tokes? Bongs are one of the most iconic and time-honored ways to consume cannabis. A big bong rip—usually cooled by water and/or ice—is absolutely one of the most effective ways to smoke flower. But what are the secrets of bong science? Why, exactly, do bongs work so well? […]
If the Hawaii House of Representatives passes this bill, this state could allow non-residents access to medical marijuana. After the first dispensary opened last August, the state is looking to give out-of-state resident access to cannabis throughout the islands. What Will This Bill Allow? The Hawaii Senate Committee on Ways and Means passed House Bill 2729 on […]