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Happy 4/20 Day was a familiar greeting among North State pot users Friday. April 20th is the traditional day for cannabis celebrations, and 4:20 p.m. as a time to toke up, owing to marijuana mythology but it took on a special significance Friday because it’s the first 4/20 when sales and use of recreational marijuana were legal in […]
Friday marks Nevada’s first 4/20 since recreational marijuana sales were legalized last July. With more than 45 dispensaries in the Las Vegas Valley and 62 statewide expecting increased sales for the unofficial pot holiday, here’s a look at 20 ways that legal weed has affected our state: 1. More cannabis products After waiting more than […]
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) said that she will use President Trump’s recent support for respecting state policies regulating marijuana to give a boost to her efforts to remove the congressional rider that bars the District of Columbia from spending its local funds on commercializing recreational marijuana. Norton has been fighting to remove this anti-home-rule rider, which […]
We’re still months away from the expected legalization of marijuana, but a local pot festival is raring to go this weekend. This year’s 420 Music and Arts Fest / Expo runs April 19-21 at Distortion Live music venue at 3828 Macleod Trail. More than 20 acts are expected to play over three nights with music appropriate […]
Long lines are expected at Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries on Friday, the first 420 marijuana holiday in Nevada since recreational sales became legal. Roy Bingham, CEO of the Colorado-based BDS Analytics marijuana research firm, said sales surged 220 percent on April 20 last year at dispensaries in Colorado and Washington. The day — both the […]
States that have passed laws legalizing recreational marijuana in recent years appear to have found some new, unexpected supporters: Republican politicians. Since voters began to pass recreational marijuana measures in 2012, the pro-pot movement has seen swift support from many Democrats, with Republicans often pushing back against legalization. Those expressing concern or opposition have cited, […]
Do you have to provide a urine sample? Here’s a handy guide. Just like its name suggests, a urine drug test looks for any traces of substance abuse. The procedure is quick and painless, as it simply requires you to provide your urine as a sample for the test. Using this sample, your urine can […]
New York – Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has announced his support for marijuana legalization. “The facts have changed,” he said Thursday while explaining his decision to embrace full legalization. Although Cuomo signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in 2014, and he has supported decriminalizing cannabis in the past, the governor has been reluctant to embrace legalization […]