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Drastic changes to New York’s medical marijuana program are tucked into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to legalize recreational pot. From abolishing strict patient eligibility rules to permitting homegrown cannabis for medical use, the once anti-marijuana governor has seemingly conceded to many pro-cannabis demands. Notably, some of the existing medical marijuana companies in New York, which spent […]
Tuesday’s election will have major short- and long-term effects on marijuana policy. In the immediate sense, Michigan became the tenth state to legalize marijuana for adults, while successful ballot measures in Missouri and Utah brings the total number of states with medical marijuana laws on the books to 33. Numerous pro-legalization candidates were also elected […]
The Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee instructed 14 agencies to dig up negative stories about weed. The Trump Administration has put together a committee called the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee (MPCC) for the express purpose of promoting anti-cannabis sentiments and interfering with state legalization efforts, according to a report published by Buzzfeed News.  The memos acquired […]