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he Wethersfield planning and zoning commission has approved a change to the zoning regulations to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the town center. Rino Mozzicato, son of the bakery chain’s founders, applied for the zone change in January. A public hearing was held at the beginning of March. Under the amendment, dispensaries are allowed by […]
After seeing the performance of marijuana stocks so far this year, it’s very tough to predict whether or not Canada’s top producers will beat the market again. During the past three months, the Canadian marijuana index, which tracks the performance of leading cannabis stocks operating in the country, was up just 7% at the time […]
Pennsylvania’s commercial medical marijuana program is set to more than double in size. State officials on Thursday announced the program was entering its second phase, expanding from 12 to 25 cannabis producers and adding 23 more dispensary operators. The state also is launching a unique research scheme that will run in parallel to the established […]
Uruguay became the world’s first country to legalize cannabis when pharmacies started selling the product last summer. Things have worked out well so far, the country’s top marijuana regulator said, although challenges remain as producers struggle to secure bank financing and the government grapples with supply shortages. “We moved the frontier of what is possible,” […]
Pushback from both Republicans and Democrats reflects public divisions over legal marijuana in the Constitution State. The push for cannabis reform in Connecticut has suffered a setback after the state General Assembly’s General Law Committee voted to shut down a bill that would have legalized and regulated adult-use cannabis retail sales. The issue was hotly […]
Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA), the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, today announced that its subsidiary Phyto Animal Health has garnered news coverage in a top veterinary trade publication, American Veterinarian. A March 13, 2018, article on the American Veterinarian website entitled “Phyto Animal Health’s Line of CBD Pet Products,” features interviews […]
Cronos Group Inc. (Nasdaq: CRON) (TSX-V: CRON) (“Cronos” or the “Company”) – With Canada on track to legalize adult use of cannabis, two of the world’s largest cannabis companies announced a first-of-its-kind cross border joint venture today that could bring America’s most recognized cannabis brand to Canadian consumers by year’s end. MM Enterprises USA, LLC […]
tökr empowers consumers by allowing them to discover safe, quality, licensed products based on their lifestyle preferences and directing them to the nearest legal dispensaries LOS ANGELES-After recently launching in Los Angeles, the free cannabis health and wellness app tökr is now available to all legal dispensaries throughout California. tökr provides a user-friendly platform for […]
Though many medical marijuana advocates claim that the plant can help encourage neurogenesis, or brain cell regrowth, new research suggests humans cannot tap into this Wolverine-like ability. Cannabis can regrow brain cells, so the argument goes. It’s become a favorite claim for supporters of medical weed, but there’s a catch. It may be a myth. […]