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Multiple polls have found that an overwhelming number of National Basketball Association (NBA) fans support ending cannabis prohibition in the NBA. But unfortunately, not all fans agree with that policy change. Some fans still oppose cannabis reform in the league, citing various reasons as to why they feel the way that they do. One reason that […]
In the US, the public image of cannabis is currently undergoing change. After legalisation, new products are being developed that are focusing on health and exercise. California is a step ahead of the rest. Yet again. The hippie movement, Silicon Valley, e-mobility – anyone who is interested in new trends simply cannot afford to ignore […]
After a tough workout, it's important to re-fuel your body and replenish your nutrients. And it never hurts to add a bit of cannabis for relaxing those sore muscles. While pre-workout snacks like smoothies are great for that extra punch of energy before hitting the gym, it's the post-workout meal that requires a ...
As sports and cannabis culture intersect, leagues and leaders rethink relationship with weed. Local boxing promoter Lee Baxter says he didn’t know the significance of April 20 when he booked the date to stage a fight card at the Danforth Music Hall. But when friends informed him that 4/20 is like Christmas for cannabis culture, […]
In 2004, Ricky Williams retired from the NFL for the first time after failing his third NFL-mandated drug test in five seasons. He never imagined that, more than a decade later, he would be touring the country as an unofficial marijuana expert. Williams’ reputation has since transformed with the rise of legal medicinal and recreational […]