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Three years ago, Leafly tricked us all into believing that they had developed a molecular 3D printer. They claimed that you could print your own flowers, customizing everything from color to flavor to THC content. Alas, back then this was only a well-planned April Fool's joke.
HelloMD – one of the nation’s largest communities of medical cannabis patients – announced today that it had received an investment of $200,000 from SeedInvest’s ‘Selections Fund’. The money will count towards the amount HelloMD is targeting to raise from the crowdfunding platform, as well as from accredited investors in its funding round. HelloMD launched […]
Online matchmaking is big business and covers all niches that you can possibly think of. It was only a matter of time before dating apps targeting weed lovers became popular. Cannabis lovers now have a choice of dating apps created specifically for them. Of course, the regular dating apps are always there, but with regular […]
Legalization of weed has given pot-related technology the impetus it has long been seeking. Today, there’s a lot you can do with weed apart from rolling the stuff into a joint or a blunt. The interest in weed technology is also being stimulated by the increasing importance being accorded to medical marijuana. And when Silicon […]
Michigan’s medicinal marijuana industry could rightly be described as experiencing growing pains. Overzealous law enforcement and the pervasive stigma attached to cannabis use can drive patients to live in the shadows, while growers have a reasonable reluctance to reveal the exact location of their operations for fear of theft. Amid such uncertainty, it can be […]