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When you look like the late Jerry Garcia of “Grateful Dead” fame and you wear a black Zig-Zag T-shirt, you might fit many people’s idea of a marijuana dealer. And when you’re selling a product that looks and smells identical to high-potent pot, you shouldn’t be surprised by a visit from law enforcement. That’s exactly what happened to 64-year-old Larry Friedrich, who […]
Having legalized cannabis on July 1st, 2017, the state has already generated $55.53 million in tax collections since recreational sales began. It’s also the home of the biggest dispensary in the world (the 112,000 square foot Planet 13) and is now also home to the world’s first cannabis “speakeasy.” “When we decided to create this experience […]
Some zero-percent THC oils do have other non-psychoactive cannabinoids in them and are still able to be sold Cannabidiol or CBD is a hot topic these days, especially as the 2018 Farm Bill just passed in the U.S. The legislation effectively legalizes industrial hemp, which significantly opens the market for hemp-derived CBD. From cosmetics to […]
Today I learned that using cannabis can lower a fella’s sperm count: those looking to partake in parenthood should take note. But that’s not the only thing that cannabis can do to your swimmers. According to scientists from Duke University, using marijuana can cause genetic changes to sperm cells–something that could have far-reaching consequences for […]
No matter how good the chocolates and caramels and creams taste, they really should be eaten in moderation If you use cannabis and cannabis products, there’s a good chance that you’re already incorporating the herb to improve on your health. From increasing your appetite to helping you get a good night’s rest, medical marijuana does […]
From Canada to Michigan to California, marijuana legalization had a very big year. When we look back, 2018 may be the year in which marijuana legalization really won. Canada legalized marijuana, defying international treaties (which the US is also a part of) that prohibit fully legalizing cannabis. After legalizing marijuana in 2016, California opened the world’s biggest […]
Houweling’s Tomatoes partners with AgraFlora Organics with plans to grow cannabis products by next year A Delta farm has its sights set on becoming one of Canada’s largest cannabis-producing facilities. Houweling’s Tomatoes has partnered with cannabis company Agraflora Organics in a move that will convert a 2.2 million square foot farm into one of the […]