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The innovative products of PotNetwork Holding, Inc.(OTCMKTS:POTN) have revolutionized pain care. Could they be the cure for your sore muscles? Most of us have experienced muscle and joint aches either related to long-term health problems or exercise. These aches are often treated by prescription or over the counter pain medication. Most people know the health risks […]
After a tough workout, it's important to re-fuel your body and replenish your nutrients. And it never hurts to add a bit of cannabis for relaxing those sore muscles. While pre-workout snacks like smoothies are great for that extra punch of energy before hitting the gym, it's the post-workout meal that requires a ...
Physical exercise is good for the body and mind too. But, it’s also hard work and that’s why many of us simply never even begin with a workout routine. However, given our fast and often unhealthy lifestyles, there is no escaping exercise. If you want to lead a healthy and long life, you have to […]
Marijuana continues to be deemed illegal and dangerous to our health, even today, when many countries have legalized it. What can you do when it’s hard to shake off old beliefs? There are always (at least) two sides to every story when you consider the people who don’t find consuming marijuana unethical, but use is […]
Amy Diiullo has been playing sports and working out since high school…and she’s been smoking marijuana about that long, as well. She studied exercise science in college, and as she learned the technical aspects of working out and being healthy, she realized that cannabis could help her achieve her fitness goals. Now she’s running the […]
A cannabis-friendly gym may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s not for this California fitness center where you can smoke while you train. The gym, known as Power Plant Fitness, is located in San Francisco. They allow vaping and edibles consumption, and they are planning to expand and include an outdoor smoke deck. They feel […]